About us

Lake SWATT (Lake Superior Wargames And Tabletop Tactics) is a gaming club dedicated to the hobby of building, painting and playing games with miniatures. We have members who are enthusiast’s playing Kings of War, 40K, Age of Sigmar, Warmahordes, Bloodbowl, Flames of War and other miniature games. If you can build it, paint it and play a game with it, then it’s welcome among our group.

If you are interested in learning how to play a game, please contact us. We will be happy to set up a demo for you and walk you through the rules, concepts and strategies within a game system of your choice. If we have a member playing the game you are interested in, this is the best place for you to start your hobby experience.

Email us at:  lakeswatt@gmail.com


Membership Levels

Silver – Anyone and everyone who wants to call themselves a Lake SWATT member are welcome to join our facebook page, come to meetings, join events, whatever. No dues or volunteer service is required for this level of membership.

Gold – Anyone who pays club dues of $10 per year OR who puts in time actively volunteering for Lake SWATT activities that support the growth of membership and interest in the games we play. This includes doing demos of games, teaching classes, organizing campaigns or tournaments, building terrain or any other activity that can contribute to the continued success of our club and enjoyment for others within our gaming community. Volunteer activities from the previous year are used to qualify a member for the upcoming year.


Thank you Gold members!  You keep our club going and allow us to improve gaming space at local stores as well as hold more events for you to participate in.



Gold Members:

Shawn Kilgore

Josh Zakerski

Kris Kapsner

Andrew Conway

Michele Olsen

Dave Bergren

Scott Bergren

Ana Conway

Donny Krosch

Travis Hammerstrom

Alec Habig

Karl Habig

Frank Habig

John Ondich-Batson

Chris Edstrom

Daniel Peters

Russ Stewart

Wally Mahnke

Josh Allen

Cody Donald

Howard Hendrickson

Eric Orsich

Mikail Perlov

Jesse Berglund

Patrick Ruzich

Leo Jewett

Jeff Boucher

Sven Johnson

Bob Brown

Sam Center

Josh Brands


Pay your LakeSWATT Gold dues on Paypal!


Silver Members:
Everyone else who enjoys the hobby of building, painting and playing games with miniatures who wants to be a part of Lake SWATT.