Lunch happens.  All of these places are very close by, most of them in walking distance with all of them within 5 minutes by car.

Mr. D’s Bar & Grill (This is our venue, and they have great food!)

An order form will be available during the first games of day 1 and day 2 so that you will be able to order your lunch during your game.  Your food will be ready for you upon the completion of your game so you’ll have plenty of time for lunch if you choose to eat at our venue.


Gannucci’s Italian Market

Jade Fountain

Beaner’s Central Coffeehouse

Sammy’s Pizza & Restaurant

RJ’s Coffee Den

Sunshine Cafe

GB Schneider & Co

Zong Hua Restaurant

Kosta’s Gyros

Jimmy John’s

Taco John’s

Erbert & Gerbert’s



Domino’s Pizza