Large Trophies for:

  • Best Overall (Best Overall also receives an engraved Sword and draws it from the stone!)
  • Best Appearance
  • Best General
  • Best Sportsmanship

Small Trophies for:

  • Best Good Army
  • Best Neutral Army
  • Best Evil Army
  • Player’s Choice
  • Best Loyal Army (Highest Battle with no allies in the army)
  • Bloodiest General (Lowest Battle Points)
  • Squire (Youngest Player)
  • Jester (Most Snake Eyes nerve tests rolled)
  • Most Dedicated Adventurer (Traveled the Farthest)
  • Counter Charger (Middle Overall Player rounded up)
  • Rookie of the Year (Highest overall for 1st time at a Grand Tournament)
  • Best Club: BattleĀ (Club with highest top 3 in Battle)
  • Best Club: AppearanceĀ (Club with highest top 3 in Appearance)
  • Best Club: Regiment of Renown (Club with highest top 3 in Sports)
  • Best Appearance: Mantic Army (must have 75% of models Mantic)
  • Knight of the Round Table (Best appearance award for Knight Champion models)
  • Best Painted Individual Model
  • 2nd Place: Individual Model
  • 3rd Place: Individual Model