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Lady of the Lake GT 2018

Saturday, July 28th and Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Kings of War:  5 Games - 2,200 Points

Location:  Historic Union Depot

506 West Michigan Street
Duluth, Minnesota 55802


Cost: $85
Early Registration Discount: $75 if registered and paid by June 1st, 2017

A maximum of 100 players will be allowed due to venue space.


Players are encouraged to donate to Gamers 4 Giving for this event.  Every $1 given becomes $10 worth of food for a local food shelf.  Players who donate will be given opportunities to win prizes from our large prize table and a tournament re-roll dice which can be used once per game.  Please see the section for Gamers 4 Giving for more details.


Chess Clocks will be used this year.


Each player is responsible for having a chess clock. (can be an App on your phone)

Each player will have 65 minutes per side.


If time expires, players must immediately cease all further actions with their army.

This means put your dice down and move back any units currently in combat to 1”.

Players do NOT automatically lose when they run out of time.



Army list construction:

Army size:  2,200 points

All Mantic books are allowed that are current as of 30 days prior to the event.

Current Mantic FAQ & Errata rules will be used.

Allies are allowed based on the Kings of War main rule book.

The current Twilight Kin army list from the Mantic website is allowed.

Heroes from the Destiny of Kings book are allowed.

Units from the Edge of the Abyss are allowed.

Formations printed by Mantic are allowed.


The Kings of War Historical Armies book is allowed. 

- No allies may be used with the Historical Armies book.

- All Historical armies count as "Neutral" for alignment.



The rule changes for the Clash of Kings book will be in effect.





Knight Champion!

In addition to the main force, a Knight Champion will be added to the army.

This knight is considered part of the main force and not an ally.

The knight used will be dependent upon the alignment of the main force.

Players need to bring a cavalry model that represents their Knight Champion.

The player with the most impressive Knight Champion will win a trophy.


The Knight Champion is worth 200 victory points when routed.


All Knight Champions have the following profile

S  M  R  D   A    Nv

8  3+  -   5+  6    14/16


Each Knight Champion will have the following additional rules dependent upon the alignment of the main force.


Good:  Paladin

Cavalry Height 2, Individual, Inspiring, Elite, Iron Resolve (2), Crushing Strength 1, Thunderous Charge 2

Spell:  Heal (5)


Neutral:  Ranger

Cavalry Height 2, Individual, Inspiring, Pathfinder, Regeneration (5+), Crushing Strength 1, Thunderous Charge 2

Spell:  Wind Blast (8)


Evil:  Shadow Knight

Cavalry Height 2, Individual, Inspiring, Vicious, Life Leach (2), Crushing Strength 1, Thunderous Charge 2

Spell:  Bane Chant (3)



Other Rules

This is a OPEN LIST tournament for the games, but players must provide a copy of their army list to their opponents at the beginning of each game.  Doing this will get you 1 Tournament Point per game.  So bring copies of your army list for all of your opponents. 

Models used may be from any product line or manufacturer.

All of the models used MUST be appropriate models for the units they are representing.  If models are used as proxies, they must be easily recognized as the unit they are representing by your opponent or they will not be allowed.

Any model that will be used in the tournament MUST be placed on display for appearance score judging.

An additional appearance award will be awarded to the army with the best appearance score who’s army consists of at least 75% of Mantic models.

Please use base sizes that are appropriate for the unit the model(s) are representing.  If a larger base must be used due to a dramatic model, use the Arc of Sight rules for the model or unit found on page 70 of the hard cover rule book which covers how to handle Arc of Sight in these situations.

If using dramatic basing for units, a unit is still required to have 50% plus 1 of the models on the movement base or tray for the unit it should be representing.




All terrain is preset with rules specific to each individual table. Players will be expected to leave the terrain in the same place and condition as they found it upon departing from their game.  

However, if something doesn't look right, please contact the TO.  It's possible that terrain has been moved or bumped over the course of the tournament.  




Scenario Cards will be used.

                        - Each player will be given 12 Scenario Cards at the start of the tournament.

                        - Each scenario card may only be used ONCE for the entire tournament.

                        - Scenario Cards are revealed by opponents at the same time.

                        - Scenario Cards are revealed prior to choosing sides.

                        - Up to 3 Battle Points are awarded based on each Scenario Card.

            When a Scenario Card is revealed, the objectives apply to BOTH players.


Players will also be awarded 1 Battle Point for accomplishing each of the following in each game:

            - Playing the game.

            - Killing 1200 points or more of the opposing force.

            - Control more Table Quarters than their opponent.

            - Control more Terrain Points than their opponent.



Tournament scoring is based on Battle Points, Painting Scores, Sportsmanship and Bonus Points.
125 Total Tournament Points (50 Battle / 30 Painting / 30 Sportsmanship / 15 Bonus)


Scoring breaks down as follows:

  • Battle Points - up to 10 points per game. 50 points maximum for the tournament.
    Each game’s victory points will award you between 1-10 tournament points.
  • Sportsmanship Points - up to 30 points maximum for the tournament.
    1. Receive 1 point for showing up to each game on time, prepared to play.
    2. Receive 1 point for giving your opponent a printed copy of your list.
    3. Receive 2 points for each “Good Game” vote by your opponent for each round.
    4. Receive 2 point for each “Best Game” vote by your opponents.  Voting will take place on Saturday and Sunday for Best Games.
  • Appearance Points - up to 30 points maximum for the tournament.
    Self-judging checklist for players for up to 19 possible points
    To maximize these points, armies should be painted to a 3 color minimum standard, have a consistent basing scheme, have matching movement trays, have a matching display board with their name plaque, consistent army painting scheme, models highlighted and shaded, as well as models converted. See the painting checklist elsewhere on this site for reference.
    Judges will double check self-scoring and award up to 8 additional points.

If you have not painted your army mostly yourself, you will be awarded no additional judging points for your final score. Therefore, the maximum total points that a player can receive for an army they didn’t paint mostly themselves is 19. They are still eligible to win the Player's Choice award.  All models used in the tournament MUST be a part of your paint judging display.

Player's Choice votes do not count toward a player's painting score.  The voting for Player's Choice will happen in two parts.  An army that receives 2 or more votes on day 1 will be placed in the Armies on Parade for day 2.  Players will then vote for their Player's Choice on day 2 from the Armies on Parade.  The army that is in the parade that receives the most player's votes will win the Player's Choice award.


Lady of the Lake GT Bonus Points:

Up to 15 bonus points can be gained

  1. Receive 3 points for registering & paying by June 1st, 2018.
  2. Receive 5 points for turning your army list in by July 15th, 2018.
    Army lists should be emailed to:
  3. Receive 5 points for participating in the “Gamers 4 Giving” charity.
  4. Receive 2 points for submitting a model in the Individual Miniature Painting Contest.


#1 Tournament Rule: Have fun and give your opponent a fun game.


These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the tournament organizers as they see fit due to new releases. The rules will be set and remain unchanged on or before June 30th, 2018.