Army Command cards will be used.

  • Each player will be given 5 scenario cards at the start of the tournament.
  • Each player will also receive 3 objective markers.
  • Each scenario card may only be used once for the entire tournament.
  • Army Command cards are revealed by opponents at the same time prior to choosing table sides.
  • Additional victory points are awarded based on the commands.


When an Army Command card is revealed, the objectives apply to BOTH players.


Army Command Cards:


  1. “Leave them Leaderless!”
    Kill your opponent’s Knight Champion and other Heroes.  For each hero killed, you receive an additional 100 victory points.  The Knight Champion is worth an additional 200 points.  If your opponent has no remaining heroes at the end of the game, you receive an additional 600 victory points.
  2. “Gut their army!”
    Your opponent must tell you which unit is their most expensive unit.  If this unit is destroyed by the end of the game, you have accomplished your mission and are awarded 600 victory points.
  3. “Send the Messenger”
    The Knight Champion carries the “Message” for the duration of the game.  The Knight Champion may not move At the Double.  If the Knight Champion leaves the table off the opposing player’s board edge you gain 900 Victory Points.  If the Knight Champion is still alive on the table at the end of the game you gain 300 Victory Points.
  4. “Pillage!”
    See the “Pillage” scenario on page 86 of the hard cover rule book. Use 3 objective markers and the player who revealed this Command Card places the tokens prior to rolling for table sides. If both players revealed this scenario, then each player places 3 objective markers and play with 6!  You gain 900 victory points for each marker controlled at the end of the game.
  5. “Lower your opponent’s guard!”
    You must buy your opponent a drink from the bar during the game.  If you buy a drink for your opponent, or you offer to buy your opponent a drink and they refuse, you accomplish your mission.  Accomplishing this mission is worth 900 victory points!!!


Remember, each unit is assigned a value called Control Strength based on the following chart which will be used to control terrain and objectives for the Command Cards for additional victory points.


0 – Individuals, War Engines

1 – Troops, Monsters, Heroes which aren’t Individual, Units with height 0

2 – Regiments

3 – Hordes, Legions